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Aspire cues No 8,9,18,23,29,39. all sold

Once we have selected the main shaft of the cue, the hardwood splices are then grafted into the cue in the time old tradition of genuine hand splicing. Ebony or Rosewood is most commonly used for the butt splices, but many different types of exotic woods and coloured veneers are available to be spliced into the butt to give the cue it''s own unique character.
All jointed cues are supplied with quick release brass joints as standard.
All cues are available in 1pc 2pc centre joint, and 3/4 jointed variations.
Also available are 6inch ebony mini butts, as well as combination and telescopic extensions.
At Mastercraft Snooker Cues we recognise that each individual has different needs for their cue.
With this in mind we build the cue to the exact requirements of the customer at no extra cost. The main criteria being length, weight, tip size and butt diameter.
Once completed, the cue goes through eight different  stages of sanding and finishing.
It is then finished with our own unique oil and waxing system to seal in the natural beauty of the wood, and provide an ultra smooth hardwearing finish that is so rewarding to the touch.