Hi David,  just a quick e-mail to say many thanks for the work you did on my 2 permac olympic cues,
the work is 1st class ! very impressed ! 
i shall recomend your work to all my  friends.
once again..... thanks.
Steve Bradbury


Hi Dave,
Thanks for organising the cue and delivery, I played with her last
night for the first time and she was great.
It was a pleasure to deal with you.... I''m sure you have plenty of
other customers yet you deal with each customer very well and with
Thanks again,
Theo Ryan.


Hi Dave,   how are you?   I received my cue yesterday and also I tested it already. Thank you very much for your professional service and supports! I''m very happy to have chosen Mastercraft.   I want to thank you again for your supports and hope to hear from you soon!   With best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jeffrey PANG ________________________________________________________


done a 50+ break in my 2nd frame on sat, considering 47 was my highest, I am well chuffed.

Kind Regards  Imran Anwar (J-Com Resources) ________________________________________________________

hi dave, alleluia! got it, touched it, everything looks/feels ok! look forward to play with it, i''ll probably spend this weekend at the club -). i will come back to you after that and let you know how it works (for sure the cue will not score centuries by itself...).   philip and i are grateful and thank you once more. we stay in touch. best regards, adi ___________________________________________________________

Hi Dave!
The cue was delivered today! I''m going to test it right away. I''m sure
it plays as well as it looks. Sweet! Thank you. I might also order
some extensions in the near future.


Hello Dave   I receive the cue thursday 11 at 8:00pm. I try it... and i am very very satisfied. I think i will play with it for our national championship the 26 to 28 June. Once again, thanks for your good job.   Regards Olivier MARTRE _______________________________________________________

Hi Dave!

Everything is all right! I have received the cue!
Good job, I have really enjoyed to play with it.
Thanks in advance,


Dear Dave,
Just a quick note to say thank you for your efforts with the cue. It
arrived this morning, as promised, and I;ve played with it all day and
I am very happy with it.
Best wishes,


Hi Dave,   the shipment has arrived and everything is fine, there no complaints. The first tests at the table have already been made.   We appreciate your work very much.   best regards, Jens __________________________________________________________

Hi Dave   I''m happy. I won two rounds with my new Mastercraft cue. It''s a first for me as I began playing tournaments only 2 years ago. I felt very confident and I think I''m getting along with the new cue more and more. I guess we two are improving quite well, the cue and me!   My nephew is seriously considering a Mastercraft cue as well, after he played some training games with my cue...! now that''s something!!!   Cheers from a warm spring sunday in Switzerland Phil _______________________________________________________

Hi Dave   now after some hours of playing I can tell you that I am very happy. the cue plays very nice. the selected, stiffer shaft was a good choice.   best Phil _________________________________________________________

Hallo Dave,   here is Lukas.   The cue is arrived yesterday, it pleases me very much. I thank you cordially, and I will you to recommend with positive experience. And maybe we listen soon from each other. If I come next time to England, I will visit you at the workshop. :-)   Again, thank you very very much!!!     Best regards from Germany Lukas ________________________________________________________

Hi, Dave,,

I received my cue today and I''m speechless Dave a big credit to you and your team it''s much better than I thought or imagined and the wood you guys have used to make it is top class,the shafts and tips are very well made, the grain is just spot on, just how I wanted it. I sat down and looked it over for an hour or more, the butt and the mini are the key to the cue, I love the different grains in the woods used a big credit  it is a lovely looking  thing, when looking close you can see the different colours and grains it has, it''s just amasing I am please to bits and it''s been a long wait  but you have pulled it off, you have made me a very happy man, I''m proud to be the owner of it.  I was also very pleased with the packaging it was spot on, given I had many sleepless nights thinking about it in the post and getting to be broken. Ok regarding your request I would love you to put my cue on your website, as long has you add my name to it I''m happy , just to let people know who it was made for, would you be so kind to please email me the pictures you have taken I can get them printed off, and would be good to have on file of and get the cue shown about and let my friends and family know I''m proud to be the owner. a good description would also be good  I haven''t a clue what the woods are :) Mr Craig Tomkinson ___________________________________________________

Hi Dave, yes, many thanks. I was going to give you a call this morning as last night was the first chance I had to try out. The cue itself is a beauty and I certainly had many glowing comments from the lads. It will take a while to get used to but it plays really well.  I am absolutely delighted with it and will certainly be recommending yourselves to anyone interested in buying a cue in the future. I will be in touch at some point as I will need some work doing on my previous cue in order to sell on.    Many thanks once again. Steve Waring, AP Specialist, UK & Ireland ________________________________________________________

Dear Chris & Dave,
Thanks for the great cue took dilvery on friday the 10th August.
Arrived on day on time! still with a week to spare on the time line you gave me of 6-8 weeks.
As for the cue took a few games to get used to as any cue would but would change it for the world!
Just as i had designed in my head made to my spek everything is excellent.
Had a cheeky 83 the other day with it in my 6th frame of using it and also a couple of 50's aswell since!
So glad i chose MASTERCRAFT CUES. Great to speak to Good advice, Awsum cue makers, Good Customer Service!
Thanks for my great peice of at work!!! Will reccomend u to all that ask me for cue makers.
Kind Regards
Mitch Wood



Thanks for repairing my cue and also for the new shaft. I have to say that the Tips are brilliant they hold the chalk well and provide good contact and no miss-cuing.

The only thing I found is that the cue is lighter with the new shaft than the original one but that is not an issue as I found it a lot better.    Thank you for your help and I must say it’s a professional and quality job and will be definitely recommend you to others and although I live in Wolverhampton it is a journey well worth to Shrewsbury.   Maz Hussain ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

Heya Dave,   Received the cue today. Defiently well worth the wait. It plays very well. Thank you for providing excellent service and crafting a beautiful cue. I appreciate all the time and effort and extremely fast replies. And thank you for the chalk pouch aswell. I am one very happy customer.   Thank you, Sean Paterson WESTERN AUSTRALIA.   _______________________________________________________

___________________________________________________   Hi Guys,              Received my cue last week. Beautiful piece of work. Played with it twice and won 3-2 each time. No big breaks as being new the tip is a bit "unresponsive". Needs lots of chalking and filing   Michael Tait   ______________________________________________________

Hi Dave,

I had a go with it today and all went well. Feels secure in the hand and touch is good resulting in a few decent breaks. Excellent balance too giving me no lack of power with minimum of effort. I have been using a Parris prior to this but won't from now on. The finish is top notch and have no doubt the future lies with your cue. Many thanks for the superb quality cue you have furnished me with, it is exactly what I was looking for and can look forward to improving even further.

It's quality craftsmanship. Feel free to use the last email as a testimonial if you want. I'm probably a bit simplistic in my definition of a good cue but I felt at ease using it straight away and despite patchy form on my part still made a few half centuries. When I regain my true form I expect great things but the pleasure I get from using it already makes it a very worthwhile decision. Many thanks for the care that obviously went into creating it especially as the requirements I had must have made it a difficult task.


Best Regards

Paul Barks


Hi Dave
I got the cue yesterday. (we phone a day before yesterday)
the parcel was perfect - no damage ! ! !
I tested the cue yesterday evening and i´m
very happy.
the cue is a masterpiece ! ! !
great work ! ! !
all my friends in the club envy me so.
I will thank you for your perfect work.
I think you get more orders from vienna in the next time.
many persons are very interested in your cues.
I wish you a nice weekend
best regards
Manfred Raidl

Hi Dave
  I just wanted to THANK YOU for the amazing cue! I tried it out today and it feels just right!The weight and balance point is perfect for me.I''m not going to lie to you, as soon as I made a few shots I didn''t like it so much,but it didn''t take long to prove that I was wrong! As soon as I warmed up I was on top of my game and the reason was your cue!I like it a lot and I can''t wait till I go to the club next time. Thank you very much Dave I''ll always remember you as you are a very nice and honest person who makes a very good cue!!!! Best regards, Yahor Adamovich (Canada) ________________________________________________________


Hi Dave Are you sure you did send the right one? This one looks like one for professional players! The grain of the selected wood is excellent, it''s well balanced and it looks just beautiful (especially the olivewood). Everything looks perfect, a masterpiece! I love it. The only disadvantage: As from now I cant blame the cue for  missing the balls. Thank you very much. Stefan Hauns (Germany) ________________________________________________________

hi dave 
         just thought id let you know i got my cue yesterday, after your call saying you had sent it out i went to the sorting office and asked for it,  it was there and supposedly they tried to deliver it friday (i was in all day) and there was no card left so im glad i did have time to pop in there lol
thank you the cue is fantastic i played with it last night and it was like i had used it for years. the look of the cue is so much better than i could have ever have hoped for and as for the finish its like silk it was so nice not to have to worry about the cue sticking after a few mins.  i can not thank you enough and i will recommend you to everyone i know
thanks again
alex scott


Hello Dave
sorry for the little rant i have send you but i did''t have the proper number
to track it in belgium.....but all came good....i did need to take 5 days
off of work to intercept the cue.there was some weather trouble
though...nhow i like the cue you have send me,and i will endorse you to my
friends and collega''s.
i like the communication you have given me and that is surtenly a
surplus...thank you again! ...and i wish you and your family a happy holiday
season and a healthy fruitfull new year :)
Patrick Trimmell


Hi Dave,
Just quick e-mail to say thank you. I have received cue and it looks perfect as i knew it would; more to say thank you for the service it has been exemplary from start to finish. Nothing has been to much trouble and very quick too. I will take every opportunity to recommend you.
Thank you Dave Coakley