World Snooker

A History Of World Snooker

Professional snooker players can compete on the world snooker tour, amassing ranking points.

Each player who competes on the tour earns points from their performances over the last two seasons, and those points then determine that player’s current world ranking.

A player''s ranking determines if they need to qualify for ranking tournaments.

The Top 16 ranked players, automatically qualify for most of the major tournaments.

World Snooker Championships

The world championships are the pinnacle of modern day snooker.

The first ever Snooker Championship was held in 1927 and it was the legendary Joe Davies who from that year until the mid 1940''s was the man to beat, winning 15 titles on his way.

This could have been more of course without the interruption of the 2nd world war.

That record of 15 titles still stands today, Joe’s brother Fred Davies then took over, winning the competition three times in late 1940's.

The game changed in the forthcoming years and was run by two governing bodies.

Two tournaments were held the forthcoming years, and for a period after that Snooker went into a decline, the decline started in the 1950''s and that period lasted for over 10 years.

During this time, challenge matches were arranged, these challenge matches were completely dominated by John Pulman who won them 7 times in a row during 1964 -1968 

Snooker was back in 1969 that was year John Spencer won the event, but it was the legendary Welshman "Ray Reardon" who dominated the seventies winning six times.

1977 was a pivotal year in snooker, and  the world championship moved to Sheffield in the UK.

and the world famous "Crucible Theatre" the event was known for years as the Embassy World Championship, and was televised by the BBC.

"The Crucible" is footballs answer to Wembley, and although there has been much talk of the competition being moved to china, and the Far East, the world snooker governing body has agreed to extend the contract at the crucible for a further 5 years until 2014

From then the game grew world wide and thanks to the TV, sponsorship and some fantastic players, none other than Steve Davis or "The Nugget" as his is also known.

Although Steve Davis dominated the eighties winning six titles, Its was the Scotsman Stephen Hendry who then dominated the nineties winning seven titles.

Since those days the game has become very open, being won by six different winners of the event since the turn of the millennium.

History shows that the game has been dominated by the British,  but we are now seeing the game develop overseas, mainly in the Far East.

The World Snooker Championship, currently held at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, is the climax of snooker''s annual calendar and the most important snooker event of the year in terms of prestige, prize money and world ranking points.

Previous Winners
1927 Joe Davis         bt Tom Dennis        
1928 Joe Davis          bt Fred Lawrence
1929 Joe Davis       bt Tom Dennis 
1930 Joe Davis          bt Tom Dennis
1931 Joe Davis          bt Tom Dennis
1932 Joe Davis          bt Clark McConachy 
1933 Joe Davis          bt Willie Smith
1934 Joe Davis           bt Tom Newman
1935 Joe Davis          bt Willie Smith
1936 Joe Davis          bt Horace Lindrum
1937 Joe Davis          bt Horace Lindrum
1938 Joe Davis          bt Sidney Smith
1939 Joe Davis         bt Sidney Smith             
1940 Joe Davis          bt Fred Davis                   
1941-1945 no tournament was held
due to the 2nd world war
1946 Joe Davis                bt Horace Lindrum 
1947 Walter Donaldson  bt Fred Davis
1948 Fred Davis              bt Walter Donaldson 
1949 Fred Davis              bt Walter Donaldson 
1950 Walter Donaldson  bt Fred Davis
1951 Fred Davis               bt Walter Donaldson
1952 Horace Lindrum     bt Clark McConachy      
1953-1969 Snooker was in decline so
challenge matches were arranged.
Challenge matches  
1964 John Pulman   bt Fred Davis 
1964 John Pulman     bt Rex Williams  
1965 John Pulman     bt Fred Davis
1965 John Pulman     bt Rex Williams 
1965 John Pulman     bt Fred Van Rensburg 
1966 John Pulman     bt Fred Davis
1968 John Pulman     bt Eddie Charlton
World championship  
1969 John Spencer  bt Gary Owen 
1970 Ray Reardon bt John Pulman
1971 John Spencer bt Warren Simpson
1972 Alex Higgins bt John Spencer 
1973 Ray Reardon     bt Eddie Charlton
1974 Ray Reardon     bt Graham Miles  
1975 Ray Reardon     bt Eddie Charlton
1976 Ray Reardon     bt Alex Higgins
1977 John Spencer    bt Cliff Thorburn
1978 Ray Reardon      bt Perrie Mans
1979 Terry Griffiths      bt Dennis Taylor
1980 Cliff Thorburn  bt Alex Higgins
1981 Steve Davis        bt Doug Mountjoy
1982 Alex Higgins      bt Ray Reardon
1983 Steve Davis       bt Cliff Thorburn
1984 Steve Davis         bt Jimmy White
1985 Dennis Taylor      bt Steve Davis
1986 Joe Johnson        bt Steve Davis
1987 Steve Davis         bt Joe Johnson
1988 Steve Davis           bt Terry Griffiths
1989 Steve Davis           bt  John Parrott
1990 Stephen Hendry   bt Jimmy White
1991 John Parrott            bt Jimmy White        
1992 Stephen Hendry     bt Jimmy White     
1993 Stephen Hendry     bt Jimmy White     
1994 Stephen Hendry         bt Jimmy White      
1995 Stephen Hendry     bt Nigel Bond
1996 Stephen Hendry     bt Peter Ebdon
1997 Ken Doherty         bt Stephen Hendry
1998 John Higgins        bt Ken Doherty
1999 Stephen Hendry    bt Mark Williams
2000 Mark Williams       bt Matthew Stevens
2001 Ronnie O''Sullivan  bt John Higgins
2002 Peter Ebdon           bt Stephen Hendry
2003 Mark Williams       bt Ken Doherty
2004 Ronnie O''Sullivan bt Graeme Dott
2005 Shaun Murphy        bt Matthew Stevens
2006 Graeme Dott           bt Peter Ebdon
2007 John Higgins           bt Mark Selby
2008 Ronnie O''Sullivan    bt Ali Carter
2009 John Higgins     bt Shaun Murphy

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